I’m Writing a Book

Why am I here? This is a question that I ask myself frequently. Daily, if I’m lucky.

If you are stumbling upon this around the date it was published, you most likely know who I am, but for the sake of strangers – here’s a brief introduction.

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My name is Tom Tate – I turned 29 today (April 18th, 2015.) I’m a happy husband to my wife Lauren, and we have a son Luca, and another child on the way. I’m a busy person. I work full time for a software company as a project manager. I run a side business developing websites. I manage a couple of blogs.

I’m proud of my accomplishments, but there are two things on my bucket list that I haven’t been able to check off yet. Writing and publishing a book (like a real hold-in-you-hand book,) and recording and releasing an album on a vinyl record.

This year I’m going to embark on one of those. I’m writing a book.

So what?

I’m aware that this isn’t anything special. Tons of people have written books. For me, it’s important because my background has always been in literature. I received my degrees in English and Publishing. I’ve had a riveting relationship with books my entire life, and I have dozens of stories bouncing around in my head. The most exciting part is that I have no clue what I’m going to write, and really no idea what I’m doing. This entire journey is going to be worked out as I go along, and I’d be honored if you came along for the ride.

What’s in it for you?

If you are a writer, blogger, content creator, or creative – I’ll be sharing valuable content that I stumble upon along the way to help you set new goals and get across your own finish lines. I plan to research and document my entire process – from coming up with a realistic concept, all the way to publishing and selling. I will read all the classic texts on writing and break them down into tangible takeaways. I’ll interview writers and content creators of all kinds and discuss their tools, tips, and creative process.

If you are looking to publish and don’t know where to begin, follow along with me. If you are published and want to share your expertise and experience, contact me and we’ll get you featured somehow!

Join my mailing list and I’ll send updates and interesting learnings directly to your inbox. Let me know if you are working on any interesting projects, or want to share. I’m super excited to embark on this project, and I’m happy you are here too. Thanks!

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